Ionic 2

We shall being using command line and Node 4.2.4 to bring in everything needed to build and run the projects. It is not required to know how node really works to get started. It can howevers bring and provided lots of interesting things.

I shall be running all of this from Windows 10 x64 Pro. Mac, Linux would work fine. I shall be using Visual Studio Code.

1. Install node*

* The reason 4 is picked over 5 is due to dependencies, which i dont belive are present in Ionic but is required for some other projects I work on. 4.2.4 I know currently works with Ionic.

2. Jump to your favorite CLI

3. $ npm install -g ionic@beta

The beta channel currently hosts ionic 2. I imagine it will be in beta for a while, or until Angular 2 exists beta at least. The output should look alot like:


4. Navigate to space on the machine to put the project.

5. Get the demo project:

$ ionic start cutePuppyPics --v2

To check its all ready and starting our project going to work (my last project did not. Yay betas, node and other things)

$ ionic start cutePuppyPics --v2


6. Check that its working:

$ ionic serve


7. Check the browser

Yes, i was expecting puppies too Sad smile


8. Updates made to the code will refresh the browser:


'Where are my cute puppies?'

Everything is working as expected so far. Now to try the demo on the phone.

9. To be different: Windows 10 mobile

$ ionic platform add wp8

Sure .. add android while im here.

$ ionic platform add android.

$ ionic platform

will list what is installed / availavble.

Installed platforms:

  • android 4.1.1
  • wp8

Available platforms:

  • amazon-fireos,
  • blackberry10,
  • browser,
  • firefoxos,
  • webos,
  • windows,
  • windows8
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