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In this tutorial we will be replacing the default WYSIWYG HTML content editor.

The flavor created is "Kendo", and provided are currently all the tools available in version 2013.1.319 including the Image browser and upload functionality.

Grab the module here


Step One

Enable the module.

Install the module from the gallery (Orchard.Module.Kendo.Web)


Enable the feature Kendo Editor:

This will enable all required components automatically.


Stage Two

Set a content item body 'flavor' to 'kendo'



  1. Open Content Types (url: Admin/ContentTypes)
  2. Edit Page (url: Admin/ContentTypes/Edit/Page)
  3. Expand Body, and change the set flavor to "kendo"


Step Three

Create a new page to check out how it looks and works. Everything including the image selector should work like the examples on the kendo site.



  • Add an option to the content type settings to specify file locations to include css styles.

On Mar 16 2013 12:22 AMBy matthew