Orchard CMS

  • Creating an Advanced Search

    Orchard, Indexing, Search, Advanced Search


    Use this guide to help you navigate some aspects of customizing the search in Orchard. Afterwards you will be able to index fields of a part in the example I will be using price and indexing a quick mock of products.

    Download package

    Using the code

    The key parts are:

    • indexing (if you are including custom fields) To include the data in the index catalog it will need a ContentHandler that has a bit of code like:
      • OnIndexing<TestPricePart>((context, part) =>
      • context.DocumentIndex.Add("price", part.Record.Price)
      • .RemoveTags()
      • .Analyze()
      • );
    • Create a custom search service implementing the priorities of your search and fields to search on
  • Menu Items - layer rules

    Navigation, INavigationFilter, Rules


    The current navigation lacks the ability to hide individual menu items easily on the same menu group. A solution would be to create many menu sections and hide them on different menu widget layers. Instead, I have attempted to tackle this limitation by allowing each menu item to have its own rules keeping things down to the minimum amount of menus.

    Download Package